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Articles of Interest
Diagnosis: Cancer a Handbook for Pet Owners a publication of the Perseus Foundation

Overview of Common Cancers, Radiation Therapy and Oncology Surgery from the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Canine Melanoma Vaccine Shows Early Promise from the UW-Madison College of Veterinary Medicine

Linear Accelerator Radiation Facility at the Univeristy of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine

Chemotherapy Easier on Pets than People from the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign

Chemotherapy in Veterinary Medicine from OncoLink Vet

Treatment Options for Specific Types of Cancer from OncoLink Vet

Canine Lymphoma Diagnosis and Staging by Douglas H. Thamm VMD

Advances in Treatment for Canine Lymphoma by Douglas H. Thamm VMD

Nutritional Requirements for Dogs with Cancer from OncoLink Vet

Nutrition and the Small Animal Cancer Patient by Glenna Mauldin

Pesticides Linked to Increase in Canine Cancer from Enviroblog

Lawn Chemicals Increase Cancer Risk from Purdue University research

The Long-Term Health Effects of Spay / Neuter in Dogs by Laura J. Sanborn

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